Can Hypnotherapy Cure my Phobia?

aliveandfreehypnosis : May 24, 2017 2:28 pm

Struggling with a phobia is not something you have to live with. Hypnosis is one way to remove that phobia and live a full life!
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Myth vs Fact

aliveandfreehypnosis : May 23, 2017 2:09 pm

Myth: Hypnosis can make someone “confess”
Fact: Hypnosis cannot force anyone to tell the truth or to confess


How Hypnosis Heals

aliveandfreehypnosis : May 17, 2017 8:28 pm

Hypnosis Heals

Find out more about hypnosis, how it works and its healing powers. The benefits from hypnosis are bountiful!

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Myth vs Fact

aliveandfreehypnosis : May 16, 2017 8:06 pm

Myth: If I become Hypnotized, I may not be able to snap out of it, or Hypnosis is Dangerous.
Fact: Hypnosis is very safe and is in fact, a state of hyper-awareness. Any time there is an emergency, a person would naturally be able to come out of the Hypnotic state by opening their eyes, and stretching or speaking.

Hypnosis : How does it work?

aliveandfreehypnosis : May 9, 2017 2:34 pm

Ever wonder how hypnosis works? In this article you will learn more about what hypnosis is and how it is beneficial to helping people changes negative thoughts and behaviours.

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Hot Flashes Be Gone!

aliveandfreehypnosis : May 3, 2017 2:38 pm

Suffering from hot flashes? Most people believe there is no cure to pesky hot flashes, but in fact hypnosis is known to help alleviate them! In this article they explain the benefits of hypnosis and how hypnosis can help fight menopause symptoms!

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Myth vs Fact

aliveandfreehypnosis : May 3, 2017 1:22 pm

Myth: When Hypnotized, I will lose all sense of my surroundings, and will have no memory of the session.
Fact: Hypnosis is not an unconscious state of sleep. In fact, most people report having a heightened sense of awareness, concentration and focus, and can even hear more acutely during a session.

Congratulations Michael!

aliveandfreehypnosis : May 3, 2017 12:01 pm

A special congratulation goes out to Michael for successfully overcoming his anxiety! Michael joined Alive and Free Hypnosis & Wellness to start feeling better about himself and to control his attitude.

Michael is feeling more relaxed and is able to react to different situations a lot better – ALL amazing habit changes!

Congratulations Michael!

Our May Newsletter is Here!

aliveandfreehypnosis : May 1, 2017 1:29 pm

Check out our May newsletter and find out more about how hypnosis is being used to help alleviate hot flashes. Also check out this months hypnosis session!


Celebrity Status

aliveandfreehypnosis : April 19, 2017 1:08 pm

Everyone suffers from bad habits, even supermodels. Naomi Campbell is just one of many A-list stars who is using hypnosis to break free from smoking. Campbell has spoken out about her on going struggle to stop smoking for good. In a recent interview she spoke candidly with ‘The View’ panel saying : “I still have a problem with smoking. You always want to better yourself and try to learn from your mistakes and I think to get mature and older and do the best I can and how I can … (I smoke) less but it’s the hardest one so I’m going back to the hypnotist. It’s not about replacing it with one of those other things, it’s just you must stop. No gum.”

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