How Can Hypnosis Help Me?

Hypnosis helps us to achieve a natural, deep state of relaxation which opens the pathway from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind. Within this state we can introduce positive, life or habit affirming beliefs that will support us in creating the change with more ease. In essence, the subconscious mind can now be “updated” to work with us in achieving our new goals.


Happy business people laughing against white backgroundWhen the subconscious mind is on the same line of thinking as your conscious mind, change becomes easy! Now you don’t have to continually CONVINCE & REMIND yourself that you want to change a habit. When your subconscious mind is working with you, your habits, choices, and the way you think will support your goal automatically & with less effort.

By focusing on changing the mind, we create healthier thoughts, choices, and habits. There are no patches, pills, drugs, crazy restrictions or dangerous chemicals that force your body to change. It is all YOU! Hypnosis helps to unlock your inner POWER and makes it easy to let go of the self-sabotaging thoughts & behaviors.


Our programs will not only help you to achieve your goals naturally but will empower you with increased self confidence, relaxation, and the invaluable power of being able to create change in your own life.


All testimonials contained herein are actual clients who have completed their Alive and Free Hypnosis & Wellness program and express their own factual experience in their own words. The results described in testimonials may not be typical as individual results may vary. Alive & Free Hypnosis & Wellness makes no claim to a standard time frame and or permanency of results as again each client is completely responsible in applying the positive thoughts and suggestions provided with hypnosis in order to reach and maintain their goals.*