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If you have come to this site, you most likely have been looking to change something in your life with little or short lived success. You may know what you WANT but can’t seem to really GET THERE. You’re not alone. Most people have tried “everything” before coming to us. The thing that makes us different is that we work to EMPOWER you with the greatest and powerful asset you have –– YOUR MIND. When your mindset is conditioned to be positive, healthy and resilient, you will automatically choose habits and ways of being that are healthier and self affirming.

At Alive & Free Hypnosis, we understand this. In fact, we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping people for over 22 years! We’ve witnessed transformation after transformation–which is a result of each person finally being able to tap into their own power. Whatever your challenge is,  rest assured, you have  it WITHIN you to start change TODAY.

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Imagine if Your Mind had the Power to Stop Anxiety, Control Negative Thoughts and Create Healthy Habits. It Does!

Hundreds of thousands of people have used hypnosis to transform their thoughts, feelings and ultimately their lives. They understand that their Mind can either work Against them or FOR them.

With the mind working FOR you in a positive way, Life long smokers can finally toss the habit for good. A person with anxiety can finally feel empowered and in control of their life. And a person that has tried everything to lose weight can finally make the choices that they know is healthier for them. Stop Imagining, hoping and waiting!
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