Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does Hypnosis work?

A: Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that causes deep relaxation which allows the mind to be open to transformation, learning, and re-patterning of behaviors/habits. In a therapeutic setting, the hypnotic state allows the relaxation of not only the physical body but also the gateway between the conscious & subconscious minds.  At this point positive or health/life affirming beliefs can be introduced so that a desired change can be established in the mind.

Hypnosis-Session-Paul-MartinQ: Can Anyone be Hypnotized?

A: Anyone with an IQ of at least 70 and can follow simple instructions can take advantage of hypnosis. Those that respond the best are people with greater mental dexterity and active imaginations. People that “cannot” be hypnotized are people that refuse to be hypnotized and they are generally individuals that exhibit a fear or lack of understanding of the subject.

Q: Are there any potential Harmful Side-effects?

A: Hypnosis works to shift your mind and how you think and feel about your desired goals. Because of the change in your mindset, you will naturally choose things in your life that will coincide with your new beliefs. There are no drugs or chemicals that trick your body into doing something that it’s not naturally supposed to do. Therefore no harmful side-effects. The side effects that you CAN expect are increased relaxation, peace, feeling of empowerment, and confidence.

Q: Do I Give Up Control During Hypnosis?

A: Absolutely not! In fact, most people experience a very pleasant sensation of well being and relaxation soon after their session. You will always be in control throughout your session and will have the ability to have a conversation, open your eyes, and even leave the room at any time that you choose. No one can control your mind, except you!

Q: What about the Stage (Entertainment) Hypnosis Shows?

Hypnosis-Session-Priyen-Raja.pngA: Entertainment Hypnosis shows utilize willing volunteers that have a desire to join the show or performance. Hypnosis merely helps them to lift fears or inhibitions that may ordinarily prevent them from performing in public.

Q: Will Hypnosis force me to discover or reveal something I don’t want to?

A: Your subconscious mind will only give you what you are ready to handle. Trust the integrity of your subconscious mind. If and when you are ready to address a particular issue, you’ll find it very empowering to release it and move forward with your life.

Q: How much are the programs and is it worth it?

A: Every one of us at Alive and Free Hypnosis and Wellness are a part of the organization because we CHOOSE to be a part of something that EMPOWERS others. We have a wide variety of hypnosis programs for a wide range of people and goals. We will always work with you in whatever way we can to help you achieve your goals. What you will gain from your sessions are not only worth every bit—it’s PRICELESS! The programs are here to help you permanently change the way you think and feel about yourself—and no one can take that away!



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