How to Eat Fruits…The Right Way!

I love fruits, you love fruits. Who doesn’t appreciate the versatile texture, sweetness and flavours of fruits? But, just like anything else, fruits should be consumed in moderation and accordingly. We read this article where it described why its important to eat fruits on an empty stomach (better absorption of nutrients), this will be regarded as the “Golden rule” that one should follow when about to devour a bounty of fruits!Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 10.01.52 PM

Here’s the take-home message we extracted:
For optimal benefits, fruits should be eaten alone or with other fruit on an empty stomach.

 “This is because when fruit is eaten, the digestive process works very quickly and our body uses different enzymes to digest the fruit. The simple sugars contained in fruit need time to be completely absorbed by your body.” Eating fruits on an empty stomach can help with digestion and absorption of “nutrients, fibre and the simple sugars contained in the fruit”.Squeezing fruits in to your daily routine actually quite easy! Simply space out fruit-dining in between your three main meals. Best rule of thumb to remember is to have a fruit snack 1 hour before a meal, or 2 hours after your meal. “For heavier meals, like pasta or burgers, you need to let that food digest for even longer before you add fruit with all its acid into your stomach, about 3-4 hours. If you’ve just had a mixed green salad for lunch, same rules apply but for a much shorter time, about 1.5 hours.” Definitely avoid eating fruit close to bedtime as there’s plenty of sugar in fruit to spike up your energy and keep you up when you need your sleep.

We always keep dried fruits around our house, it provides us with a energy boost in the mid-afternoon and it’s a great snack when you want something sweet.
How do you eat your fruits?