How to Eat Healthy on Your Vacation

It’s summertime and that means going to the beach, camping under the stars and relaxing at a resort. With vacation in mind, we tend to naturally turn our mentality to “splurge, splurge, splurge”!! Not that we don’t deserve it, but there is a way to eat healthy and enjoy your vacation. coconut-beach-myweddingDr. Oz has created a guide with 7 rules to eating healthy on vacation:

1. Eat Your Reds, Yellows and Oranges – bright coloured fruits and vegetables can protect your skin while you’re under the sun.

2. Make Regular Pit Stops – extended periods of inactivity can potentially lead to blood clots in the leg, make sure to take a brief walk every two hours to keep blood flow smoothly.

3. Skip Jet Lag – general rule: “if you’ve flown east, expose yourself to plenty of light (ideally natural light) during the daytime hours. This will help shift your biological clock forward. When you go west, do the opposite: Seek brightly lit spaces in the evening to help turn your clock back.”

4. Sip Coconut Water – dehydration is a common side effect of vacations, drink a bottle of coconut water to refuel electrolytes.

5. Sight-see – you don’t need a gym to get an energizing workout! Explore the town you are visiting by biking or hiking or all-around.

6. Enjoy an Appetizer – vacation foods are usually worth the splurge, the trick is to avoid overeating at dinnertime! So, snack first with an appetizer.

7. Toast Your Trip – did you know a piña colada has about the same number of calories as a McDonald’s hamburger! Red wine is a healthier option.

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