How to relieve insomnia, depression and fatigue

Hello everyone!
Tea from a tea-rose buds.
I’d like to bring up an experience I had recently with rose tea. Having a mother who is an absolute tea fanatic, we have an entire cupboard filled with teas from around the World. I normally opt for Oolong, my favourite is TieGuanYin, but on this day, I saw a beautiful box of rose bud tea, they were screaming out to me. So after boiling some water, I made myself a hearty pot of rose tea. The fragrance was intoxicating!! As I took my first sip, I immediately felt relaxed and tranquil. Of course I didn’t stop there, I kept drinking the intoxicating elixir, after refilling my teapot 2-3 times, the flavour was getting mild so I stopped.

Later that evening, I had one of the healthiest bowel movements of my life! I apologize for the graphic description but I have to share the amazing experience I went through! I wanted to determine if my immediate relief was caused by cups of rose tea, so I went online and did a little research. And here is what I found:

1. Rose tea contains Vitamin C, pectin, malic and citric acid2. It helps by clearing toxins and heat from the body, and has a cooling cooling effect on the body
3. Rose tea can relieve cold and flu symptoms (sore throat and runny nose)
4. It is useful to people those prone to chest problems by fighting against infections
5. Rose tea helps to fight the infection in the digestive tract and re-establish the normal bacterial population of the intestines
6. It relieves fluid retention and hastens the elimination of wastes through kidneys
7. It is a laxative. It works as a remedy for all liver problems including sluggishness and constipation
8. It cleanses the liver and gall bladder and promotes bile flow
9. Rose petal tea can be used to relieve uterine congestion causing pain and heavy periods

10. It has an uplifting effect on the nervous system and can relieve insomnia, depression and fatigue

Now, if you’re curious and would like to try some rose bud tea, just go to your near tea store and ask to sample a cup or two. Honestly, the scent of rose tea is intoxicating and the flavour is even more amazing. If you find it bland, just add a little bit of honey!