Kate Middleton Used Hypnobirth!

Recently, there has been a new fab in Hollywood for the yummy mommies giving birth. It’s called ‘HypnoBirth’, in which uses “hypnotherapy techniques to induce a state of deep relaxation during childbirth,” said by Dr Robert Atlas, M.D., chief of the obstetrics and gynecology department at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore.kate-middleton-duchess-of-cambridge-royal-baby-2082313

In this article, it explains during birth, the mother’s fear of pain may lead to actual pain during labour. And such fear may “ignite the “fight or flight” syndrome in which hormones are released that raise blood pressure, heart rate, and ultimately direct blood to the large muscles, draining it from where it is needed in the uterus, making labor less productive and more painful.” Hypnotherapy comes in to combat such fear and thus helps the body to relax and thereby “release endorphins, the so-called “happy hormones” that relieve pain.”

Dr. Atlas says, “in this way, hypnobirthing goes beyond Lamaze, which was introduced more than a half-century ago and is designed to lessen the pain of labor by having women focus on breathing.”Amazing!!! Hypnobirth has the potential to make childbirth less painful, as a result, it may enable mothers to not use medication during childbirth. Dr. Atlas says “Hypnobirthing may not work for every mother, especially if you are very anxious and have a Type-A personality, however, it has worked out very well for many women, and after the royal birth we may be seeing it more often.

Now the question is, would you consider using Hypnobirth?