Mindful Eating

With holidays fast approaching it becomes easier to neglect healthy food choices and abandon good healthy choices that our body and mind needs to stay at the optimum state of health and vitality.

You have a great power to train your brain to love and enjoy certain things and dislike or not even notice others like we do with many of our clients here at Alive and Free. So why not train your brain to find pleasure in healthy food choices, to look at food as a fuel for your body? After all your brain is just like any other muscle that needs to be exercised.

Never underestimate the power of self-hypnosis where you can be your own hypnotist, training your thoughts, feelings and emotions to be perfectly aligned with your desire to stay healthy.

Here is something to consider next time you are at a restaurant or dinner party surrounded by abundance of food. Having people around you reaching for those decadent, over the top sugary desserts, makes you feel absolutely tempted to do as well. “But not so fast”, says your subconscious in a very soft, gentle, loving voice.

This is where self-talk has an incredible super power. This is a perfect opportunity to train your brain. If you can talk yourself into eating something that you clearly shouldn’t, without a doubt you can talk yourself out of it by simply saying to yourself or preferably out loud “I am so stuffed”, “I am so full”, “I am very satisfied with my meal”, “It hit the perfect spot” and instead you order a cup of tea feeling very proud of yourself.

Another helpful idea to consider is to create a healthy vision board filled with pictures of healthy food choices such as leafy greens, fresh colorful vegetable dishes, images of drinkable refreshing water, healthy protein choices or any other healthy options that you should be including in your daily life. Images that would encourage you to exercise and stay active on a regular basis are great to include. Have that vision board as your daily reminder of what you should be focusing to stay fit and healthy. It will help you visualize your goals and further program your brain to focus on a healthy life style.

Prior to heading out to a dinner party or a family gathering, take a few moments and begin to visualize your belly shrinking, getting smaller and smaller. As you breathing in, feel yourself cinching your waist, making your muscles tighter and tighter.

With your eyes closed, keep visualizing your stomach getting smaller and smaller, shrinking to the point where you can only comfortably fit a small plate of food, anything more than that would be impossible and undesirable. This technique is successfully used at Alive and Free.

At Alive and Free we take great pleasure in helping you succeed, taking you to the next level, and helping you to change your body with the power of your mind. We strive to help you to say goodbye to your old habits with ease, joy and excitement.

Thank you for reading. On behalf of Alive and Free I would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays!

Yana Jovnyruk
Hypnotist, Alive and Free Hypnosis & Wellness