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Elaine Goldsmith – Learn More About Her Story! I came to A&F at a time when my life had just blown up. I was at a stale mate in my life, I couldn’t figure out what to do next. I didn’t know what the next steps were and when I thought about it, it would be debilitating fear. I couldn’t cope, couldn’t think straight. While at Alive and Free I was able to quiet my mind again and think straight. I have fewer bouts of debilitating fear, I don’t freeze up, I don’t cry all the time, I’m happy and have a positive outlook on life. I’ve been able to let go of the anger and the tension. –Elaine Goldsmith Brampton, Ontario

Client Testimonials:

When I first came to Alive & Free Hypnosis I was in a very depressed state of mind. I felt like I was in a great big hole. And I needed to get out of it! At first my friends were the first to notice a difference in me, I was joking around more, I was lighter, even my tone of voice & what I said was nicer. Then I started noticing it in myself. While at Alive & Free I now WANT to be a better person, the program has uplifted my spirit 100% and it’s fantastic! During this time I felt overall better about myself—I have better mindset, I’ve lost inches & my insulin has been cut down. I already have and would definitely recommend Alive & Free to my friends because they asked me what I was doing and what caused the big change in me!* –Wayne Nash Mississauga, Ontario

I first came to Alive and Free Hypnosis for help with my anxiety from school, hard time sleeping and panic attacks.

Through the program I learned how to breathe properly and learned how to deal with my stress better. I know stress is never going to go away, but now I know how to and that I CAN deal with it.

I am sleeping better and do not have any more panic attacks. I am more positive and am challenging myself much more.”

–Elysca Fernandez
Mississauga, Ontario

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