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There’s Nothing Wrong with You!

You Know What You Want But Can’t Get It!

You can WANT to Lose Weight, Stop Smoking, Eat Healthier, Be more Calm/Less Anxious, Have more Confidence, etc. BUT why can’t you achieve the result? Why does it seem like there has to be a lot of and constant EFFORT or STRUGGLE that goes into creating change?

Before we answer that, let’s get one thing very clear…


You are not weak, worthless, nor not putting enough effort into it! You just haven’t been taught HOW to create what you want.

Our Mind is like a Computer?

Our mind is very complex & magnificent and it can work for us or against us. There are essentially 2 major parts of the mind. The subconscious is the part of the mind that stores ALL of our memories, beliefs & “programs” that we’ve learned since we were infants–similar to the “hard-drive” of a computer.

Examples of Subconscious Mind:

  • How we think about ourselves and the world: “I’m not good enough.” “I’ll always be like this.” “It’s too hard to change.” “I can’t help the choices I make.” “I have no control.” “I’m afraid that I’ll FAIL.”
  • It is the Automatic part of the Mind: It “drives” you Home without having to “think” about where you’re going. It automatically grabs another cigarette or cookie without thinking…or EVEN when you’re thinking consciously that you shouldn’t! It also controls ALL of your bodily functions that you don’t have to think about such as breathing, heart rate, metabolism, & digestion, etc.
  • It controls our emotions; thus we have many emotional states (anxiety, worry, anger, sadness…) that are directly linked to our addictions/habits. All of our habits & unconscious desires, and so much more.

This is very different than the Conscious mind which is the part of our mind that “thinks” while we are awake—similar to the computer screen. The computer screen just shows you what you are working on in this moment, not every single thing that is stored on your computer. So you can think in your conscious mind, “I want to lose weight & eat healthier or stop smoking” and if you put a lot of CONSCIOUS Effort into it, you may get some results. But if the Subconscious Mind is not on board with you, it won’t be long before you go back to your “old programmed” habits & choices.

Using our metaphor of the computer, you may want to work on a project today called “LOSE WEIGHT” but if the programs that are stored in the hard drive are: “I love fatty foods”, “I need ice cream & cookies when I’m stressed”, “I hate exercising”, “It’s too hard to change”, “I CAN’T”, “I don’t like to drink water”,  etc. It will be very hard to successfully complete your project! You will have to put A LOT of effort into it.

In today’s day and age we all know that we have to update our computer software, get rid of old files that we no longer need in order to keep the computer running optimally, and sometimes we even have to replace old programs with new ones.

Knowing what you know now if you could update your mind & have it working with you, do you think it would be EASIER to change an unwanted habit/behavior?

When was the last time you updated your computer–the mind?

Did you know you CAN update it?

Do you wish you knew HOW to update it?

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