Our Hypnotists

Our Alive and Free Hypnotists’ purpose is to keep you motivated and focused on your lifestyle behavior changes that will lead you towards achieving your successful goals.


Paul Martin

Paul Martin is an Alive and Free Certified Hypnotist & Psycho-Linguistics Practitioner  who has been with us for more than 12 years. He is dedicated to assisting each and every Alive and Free client towards achieving their desired goals. With his quick wit, soothing voice and wealth of wisdom he has a knack for helping clients break free from limiting beliefs and taking charge of their lives.

Paul absolutely loves what he does! He and his wife, Francie, enjoy spending time with their grown children & grandchildren at every opportunity they can.



Lisa Pearce 

Lisa has been a  Certified Hypnotherapist and Quantum Language Dynamics Practitioner since 2001.  She discovered  the power of her own mind when a friend who was learning about Hypnosis, asked to practice on her and the results were remarkable.  Her success in losing weight, quitting smoking and improving her self confidence through those practice sessions changed her life forever.  Since then, she has been dedicated to teaching others how powerful they truly are.  Lisa believes that once you learn how to access the strongest, fastest computer on the planet (the human brain), anything is possible!


Yana Jovnyruk

Yana Jovnyruk is an Alive and Free Certified Hypnotist. With her extensive university background in Psychology and Women’s Health, she is passionate about helping people to create a lasting lifetime change through the healing power of their mind. She loves life and loves helping people succeed on their very own unique journey. She strongly believes that hypnosis helps us to peel back multiple layers of consciousness that can hold our most true authentic self allowing us to reconnect with our god given gifts, talents and abilities that help us live the life that we truly deserve.



Malini Picture -New

Malini Ponnambalam

Meet Malini Ponnambalam, part of our Alive & Free Certified Hypnotists. Malini is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. She strongly believes “that everything has a way of sorting out in the end” and has always practiced positive thinking as a way of life.  Malini’s interest in hypnosis began as a small, fun experiment with her own family.  The results however, were so shockingly powerful & positive that it stirred her inner desire & serious interest in becoming a hypnotist.

“Our mind DOES have the power to create greater health, happiness, and love.  I look forward to helping our AF clients expand their awareness and harness their mind’s infinite power to achieve their desired goals.”



Britney Shawley


Britney Shawley

Britney is easy to talk to and truly caring, which helps to set the foundation of trust for the clients to feel comfortable and excited to reach their goals. She has been an Alive and Free Certified Hypnotist & Psycho-Linguistics Practitioner for over four years. She also has an Honors Degree from York University with a background in counseling, nutrition and is continually delving into understanding the mind and how it impacts our life. She loves being an integral part of the Alive & Free team because she feels that we all work together to do our utmost to help each client that walks in our doors.

As Britney states, “The clients may come in with their difficulties, and yet upon meeting them, we truly do embrace a relationship that is powerful and inspires great change and transformation in the minds of all clients. This becomes the foundation for reaching all goals set. Our time spent together truly does become a joy.”



Dr. Helen Lee-Raja

Dr. Helen is a Chiropractor, Master B.E.S.T. Practitioner & Acupuncturist. She founded & passionately practiced within her own center for 12 years before joining forces with Alive &  Free. Her philosophy of health and healing is holistic in that the mind, body & energy work integrally together for optimal expression. She is amazed everyday at the power of the mind and the human body’s potential to continue to learn, adapt, and grow.




Priyen Raja, Wellness Consultant

Priyen has been with Alive and Free for over 18 years. He is committed to helping each person understand the potential that lies within them. He is a Certified Hypnotist and Psycho-Linguistics Practitioner for over 17 years. He enjoys meeting with each potential client with true enthusiasm, intent to connect and deep desire to help each client successfully reach their desired goals. “My passion is to help people experience wonderful behavioral changes which helps them to achieve a healthier, more joyful lifestyle. I am so blessed and grateful to see so many of our amazing clients have great permanent results, and we appreciate their trust and opportunity to be a part of there successful journey to becoming Alive and Free!”