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Achieve Your Ideal Weight


How many times have you thought, “I have to lose weight!” or “This is my last bag of chips, just one more cookie, etc. before I start my diet.”  YOU are certainly not alone. It is estimated that at any given time, 1 out of 3 women and 1 out of 5 men are on some sort of diet or restricted eating program so they can shed unwanted pounds.  That’s not even taking into account the men & women that have been constantly THINKING that they should lose weight and go on some kind of diet! That is millions of people that DO NOT LIKE the way their body looks. Why so many and why can’t they change it?

Portrait of a lovely mature woman smilingWell, the first step in any process is to recognize where you are and where you want to go. So, identifying that you are not satisfied with your body weight is the first step in the process. However, so many people get stuck at this first step for years….decades even! That’s not to say that they don’t take the next step and start an exercise program, a miracle fad diet, or a quick fix “drink only shakes for a few days” regimen and lose a few pounds. They do. But then the pounds creep back on, sometimes quickly after the diet, and other times they even gain MORE weight than they had just lost. It can feel like a constant LOSING battle of the wills. But the opponents are you against yourself! Examples of the Battle of YOU:

I need to drink more water….But I LOVE soda!

I should exercise today after work….BUT I’m so stressed & starving, I’m going to grab some fries instead.

I really have to stay away from sugar…this same thought repeated 100 times throughout the day…and then at 10pm your conscious  “will” to stay away from sugar caves…and you just HAVE to have a cookie, or 2 or 3 or the entire box…so you don’t eat any tomorrow! Sound familiar?

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WHY the Battle??

Young-BusinessBecause there is the part of your mind that knows you want to lose weight and knows what you have to do— the Conscious mind. And the other part of the mind runs automatically, on instinct & stores all your memories and habits thus directing your unconscious choices—the subconscious mind.  The key to achieving your ideal weight is a change & alignment in the way you THINK in BOTH parts of the mind.

What we think affects our body directly in several ways:

  1. What we think in our subconscious mind directs our habits. So in our conscious mind we can think that we want to lose weight & that we are going to eat healthier and when we are really focused on it we can see those promises through. However, when we are not thinking so much about it, when we’re stressed, or not motivated, etc. the subconscious habits are right there to kick in. That’s the part of you that works automatically and argues with the part of you that wants to create positive change. That’s the part that says, “I can’t help it—I just crave ice cream.” “I don’t want to be on this diet anymore, I want to eat what I love.” “I don’t like exercising.” “I hate the way water or vegetables tastes!” “It’s no use!”
  2. when we think & feel negative thoughts, it releases certain chemicals, such as cortisol, in our body that cause more stress on our organs & muscles, impedes digestion, and in essence creates a negative/stressful effect on our bodies. .

Hypnosis can be the BRIDGE to the subconscious mind where you can create thoughts, feelings and habits that will SUPPORT your desire to be healthy & to lose weight. It works to unlock and change the deeply ingrained patterns of thought that “fight” against you in the subconscious. When this is achieved there is no battle at all!

  • What would it feel like if you actually BELIEVED that eating healthy was good and you didn’t have to CONVINCE yourself that you have to do it?
  • What would it feel like if you automatically found yourself drinking water throughout the day without reminders & guilt about wanting a soda instead?
  • What would it feel like to be satisfied with whatever weight you are, knowing that you’re working towards a goal rather than feeling disappointed, disgusted, ashamed, and as if you will never look the way you want to?


girl - weight lossYou would finally be FREE from the chains of old, negative habits and able to LIVE the way you always wanted to. If you could do this by yourself, you would already have done it. Let us teach & guide you towards what you need in order to naturally achieve your ideal weight.

Our programs are specifically designed to help you create change from the INSIDE OUT. Our expert hypnotists and the Alive & Free Staff are waiting and ready for your call TODAY! You deserve to experience success.

What would it feel like to let go of the guilt, self loathing, and disappointment?

What would it feel like to effortlessly make choices that would enhance your health & vibrancy?

What would it feel like to have your mind work WITH you instead of battling against you?

Call today and Find the power that lies within you to Create the Changes that you desire INSIDE and OUT.

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