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Chances are good that if you could stop smoking by yourself, you would have done it already.
If you are like millions of people across North America, you’ve tried to quit in one way or another. But for one reason or another is always draws you back! Do you want to stop smoking—for good? Hypnosis can be your simple answer to finally freeing yourself from a complicated addiction. Unlock your true potential,  it works with the power of your own MIND!

If you are a smoker you know that smoking is not just about the chemical addiction to nicotine.  The habit of smoking can be linked to social/work situations, friends, stress, boredom, anxiety—cigarettes alone can even become somewhat of a “trusted companion”. It is deeply rooted in how and what we think and feel.  Finding and changing what DRIVES you to smoke is the key to stopping.

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So How Does Hypnosis Help?

There are essentially 2 major parts of the mind: Conscious and Subconscious. The conscious mind is the mind that thinks while we are awake—it’s the part of your mind that knows: smoking is poisonous & incredibly damaging to your & other’s bodies, costs A LOT of money and wants to stop. The subconscious mind however, is the part of our mind that is unconscious & stores all of our habits—It’s the part that DRIVES us to smoke, drink, eat, and many times OVERRIDES what we may want in our conscious mind. It’s the part of our mind that ignores the health risks and picks up the cigarette anyway! Hypnosis allows you to powerfully work with your subconscious mind and introduce healthier thoughts & habits that will now be in line with your conscious choice to stop smoking. Hypnosis will help you finally stop FIGHTING against yourself!

But What If….

“I start to gain weight…all of my best friends are smokers…I am surrounded by smokers everyday…I have a lot of stress at home or work and need cigarettes….”

At Alive and Free we understand and it is one of our top priorities to take your personal concerns into consideration. Your Hypnosis Program will address you as a whole instead of a person wanting to only stop smoking. Therefore, your smoking cessation sessions will be geared toward addressing all major concerns such as managing anxiety, making healthier choices in eating, drinking water, exercising, and overall self esteem. This will allow you the best opportunity for quick and most importantly lasting success.

What if you didn't have to step out to take a smoke break? What would you do with all that extra time?

What if you couldn't stand the smell of smoke, couldn't stomach the taste of tobacco?

What if you were no longer powerless to the need of having a cigarette?

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