Stop Your Cravings with Healthier Alternatives!

Do you get random cravings for chocolate, fried food or even fatty cuts of meat, like bacon in the middle of day? Does the 3pm munchies hit you when you least expect it? 


Have no fear as we have found great alternatives to your incessant cravings!
We would like to share this article with you in which 15 foods are introduced to help curb your cravings as they are healthier, yet satisfying alternatives. Ideally, if cravings hit you after you have eaten a healthy meal, you should drink a glass of water and wait for 20 minutes. If the cravings persist, then follow these steps! 

You can read the entire article with 15 alternative foods here. Some interesting examples are: 

1. Craving for a big slice of chocolate cake? Well, the real thing is packed with butter, heavy cream and sugar, instead, aim for a good piece of dark chocolate, 70% cocoa or higher is recommended! 

2. Craving for fatty fried foods? Go for fake fried foods by coating them with egg whites and seasoned breadcrumbs and baking them at a pipping hot 450F oven. 

3. Craving for something creamy and sweet? Instead of going for a bowl of full-fat ice cream, aim for 0% greek yogurt with honey or dried fruits!

4. Craving for carbs? Instead of eating nutrition-less white bread, go for a bowl of bean salad! 

What is your favourite go-to craving fixer food?