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Hypnosis Success Stories

Congratulations! As this is your first step to becoming more ALIVE to who you know you can be and to finally being FREE of old, self destructive habits & behaviors.

If you are like so many of our Clients, you’ve already tried so many methods to change your habit: weight loss programs, diet pills, starvation & other types of diets, quitting cold turkey, nicotine patches, medications/pills, etc. WITHOUT long-term, healthy success.

If you are ready to finally successfully change from the inside out, this is the place for you!  Whether you want to lose weight, stop smoking, be free of anxiety/stress, or stop any other negative habit, Hypnosis may be your KEY to success. Our hypnosis programs can help you uncover the subconscious patterns which hold you back and to re-pattern self affirming thoughts & habits that will empower you to create the changes you want so that you are no longer FIGHTING against yourself!


You are NOT ALONE.

Read some of the many Alive and Free Success Stories. Many of them have been exactly where you are right now; looking for a way to finally change after trying everything, wanting to finally create something different for yourself, to feel good and proud of yourself again. Read their own words of inspiration. If they can do it, SO CAN YOU!

These are actual Alive and Free clients that have been through our program and share their success stories in their own words!

Click and Read about their Success:

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