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Alcohol Free Success Stories

Paul Mason

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I came to Alive and Free for help to stop drinking alcohol. I tried stopping on my own but would only last for a few weeks. Then I would go back to my routine of a few beers. I started with Alive & Free and quickly noticed changes in my routine. I would come home, do what I normally do until bed and find that I didn’t touch the beer. And I haven’t had one since. I even went out with my best friend shortly after who offered me a beer and I didn’t want one. I don’t even worry about it anymore. I’ve been through Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and several family birthdays and it hasn’t even occurred to me to reach for a drink! Thank you Alive & Free!

~Paul Mason

Mississauga, ON

Gerri C.

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I tried will power to stop drinking. It didn't work. After I got stressed I started to drink again. After my first hypnosis session I stopped drinking!!!! I continued to come in and now I am able to deal with stress better and am more positive. I haven't drank since my first session. It just isn't an option now. I had a very stressful event a few days after my first session and I didn't have that drink which I would have in the past. Obviously it was the hypnosis working. I would highly recommend trying Alive & Free.

~Gerri C

I Was Out Of Control !

Now I Have Alcohol Control!

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Alive and Free!

As they say if I could have done it myself, I would have! Reality is my habit (red wine) was out of control.

Although skeptical at first the reality is this therapy worked well for me. In a very short time I was able to drink socially and not habitually.

The results speak for themselves and I am back in control of my destiny!

Thank you ALL!!*


I Wanted My Life Back !

– Now I Am Alcohol Free!

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I decided to join Alive and Free when I realized that alcohol was beginning to control my life. I had gone from an energetic, involved, creative individual to feeling disconnected from family, friends, and life in general. I was going through all the motions of living but didn’t seem to fully participate. I’m not sure at what point things changed from enjoying a glass or two of wine when dining out, or while in the company of friends, to using it to cope with the stresses of the day, to finally feel I was being held hostage by it. I was using alcohol to numb my emotions, deal with loneliness and whatever else I wanted to avoid in my life.

I had friends who had joined Alive and Free Hypnosis in the past, one who successfully lost weight and another who successfully stopped smoking. Even after listening to, and observing their successes, I still joined with caution. To my surprise the results were instant. One session and I started to feel more positive, had more control of my life and immediately stopped drinking. I’m a little more than half way through my assigned time with Alive and Free and I can honestly say that I have my life BACK! I haven’t touched alcohol since day one of joining and I’m doing things that I kept putting off because I was disinterested. I now feel energetic, happy, creative and in touch with who I am and where I’m heading. Presently I’m in a good place and it’s only getting better!*


I Was Drinking In Excess 10 Beers A Day !

Alive and Free!

When I first read about Alive and Free in the newspaper I was very skeptical about the whole thing. I have been a very large beer drinker, drinking in excess of 10 beers a day and then a couple glasses of wine a day with dinner.

Since my first encounter with Alive and Free I have not had any beer and only about 3 glasses of wine on a couple of special occasions. I no longer wake up in the morning feeling terrible from what I had to drink the day before.

My general attitude is much improved and I feel much better about myself. Going out on a Friday night is just a little different in as much that instead of my usual 3 large beers and a bunch of wings, I now drink a couple of glasses of cola (I still have the wings) and don’t miss the beer a bit!

Thank you Alive and Free!

~John Davidson

*All testimonials contained herein are actual clients who have completed their Alive and Free Hypnosis & Wellness program and express their own factual experience in their own words. The results described in testimonials may not be typical as individual results may vary. Alive & Free Hypnosis & Wellness makes no claim to a standard time frame and or permanency of results as again each client is completely responsible in applying the positive thoughts and suggestions provided with hypnosis in order to reach and maintain their goals.*

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