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Sales & Confidence Success Stories

Magda Amin

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I am a natural healer so I was excited to find out more about hypnosis. I had some challenges and wanted to work on myself especially in my confidence, drive and ambition. AF Hypnosis has helped me with increased confidence and actually introduced a new product to my business which I was working on for FIVE years and hypnosis has helped me to finally launch it. I came mostly for my business but it has helped me in my personal life as well- more confident and more communicative. I know more what I want and I go and get it!*

~Magda Amin

~Woodbridge, Ontario

Sandeep Gill

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I came to Alive & Free to help to increase my confidence and feel more empowered in my life. Hypnosis helped me to increase my ability to organize my thoughts and increase my Confidence. I also learned to say no! This program has brought me more clarity, peace, and empowerment.

~Sandeep Gill

~Mississauga, Ontario

Joan Dela Cruz

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I came to Alive & Free because I wanted to increase my confidence especially geared toward my career change. It was perfect timing to be at Alive & Free Hypnosis especially during the lockdown. I was able to check myself and keep myself centered. It helped me overall in my career goals but also with my communication with people around me. I am able to put myself and needs first so I can be better for my partner, my kids and myself.

~Joan Dela Cruz

~Mississauga, Ontario

Celia Oliviera

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This is my second time coming to AF. It worked very well for me so I came back again because I wanted to take a different direction in my life. I wanted to change my way of procrastinating and making decisions and improve my confidence. With AF I was able to be strong enough to stand up for myself. Then came the biggest decision of having the confidence to go back to school and become a Paralegal.

Things that used to be a weakness for me now are a strength. Now I can work toward my goals without letting the fear take over. Thank you Alive & Free Again!!

~Celia Oliviera

~Brampton, Ontario

Renee Khan

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I came to Alive and Free to help me to drink water! It would make me sick and it was such a problem that I was having issues with kidney stones. Once here I also wanted to work on Sales Confidence and improving my business. Since being on the Alive and Free program I am DRINKING WATER, I’ve lost some weight, I look healthier and the biggest change has been in my self confidence and belief in myself. My business is soaring and I am landing clients that I never thought I could before. I am happy and I love that I can do what I love every day! I have and will continue to refer everyone I can to Alive and Free. Thank you!*

~Renee Khan

~Brampton, Ontario

Katherine Patchett

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I initially came to Alive and Free for the learning acceleration program. Already quite strong in school, I found anxiety over tests and assignments were really holding me back. I suffered from IBS as a result, and have not experienced an episode since beginning the program. With the help and guidance of my hypnotist, I focused more on my self-confidence, stress management and optimistic thinking. Hypnosis helped me to overcome my anxiety and frequent illnesses due to stress and a weak immune system. Now I have a better outlook on life and myself, whereas I normally felt helpless & worthless. I found the quality of service to surpass all of my expectations. Thank you Alive and Free!

~Katherine P.

*All testimonials contained herein are actual clients who have completed their Alive and Free Hypnosis & Wellness program and express their own factual experience in their own words. The results described in testimonials may not be typical as individual results may vary. Alive & Free Hypnosis & Wellness makes no claim to a standard time frame and or permanency of results as again each client is completely responsible in applying the positive thoughts and suggestions provided with hypnosis in order to reach and maintain their goals.*

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