Sugar…Is It Time to Quit?

What you are about to read is quite startling – at least it was for us sugar-fiends!

A study conducted by scientists at the University of Utah discovered “that feeding mice diets consisting of 25% added sugars – equivalent to about three sodas for humans – doubled mortality in female mice and significantly impaired male reproduction.” Is this shocking to read or just plain scary?Rethink-your-drink

Want to read more on the study? Click here.

Now, if you are like us, you are a soda lover, cake fiend, ice cream fanatic and can’t-live-without-sugar.
After reading up on this study, we feel like now is a great time to try to cut back on sugar. We found an article by Dr. Oz that may just help you jump-start a sugar-free lifestyle!

To stop consuming sugar, we need to understand why we crave sugar. Dr. Oz goes on to explain “when you eat sugar, it stimulates the release of dopamine in your brain, which makes you feel pleasure. The brain recognizes and likes this feeling and begins to crave more.” It’s the same stimulation your brain experiences on heroine and morphine! By consuming excessive sugar, not only are you risking gaining weight, also a sugary diet have been linked to ‘increasing your risk of kidney damage, heart disease and even cancer.”

Are you ready to jump on the sugar-free wagon with us yet?

Well, if you’re ready, here’s some information that may help! Please see a physician if you are considering a drastic change in your diet.

1. Chromium – 200mg a day to help prevent sugar urges. Chromium helps to regulate blood sugar and energy production.

2. Add Fruit to Your Meals – foods that are naturally sweet such as dried fruit can replace dessert cravings. Try mixing mango pieces in to a grilled chicken salad, or a handful of dried cranberries to your quinoa.

3. Dr. Oz’s Half-and-Half Rule – this is a totally simple rule, if you have been drinking soda or sugary juices all your life, we know it’s hard to cut back, so mix half of your sugary drink with water and gradually reduce it over time. In time, you won’t miss soda and the lack of sugar in your diet will make you feel great!

4. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Combo – this classic duo will curb the most voracious sweet tooth, remember to use dark, dark, dark chocolate with organic peanut butter! Melt and mix the two ingredients in the fridge, when craving come along, enjoy a spoonful. This quick treat does contain sugar (4-5g) but it is drastically lower than an average brownie (30g of sugar).

Things are definitely looking up! Are you in?