Superfoods – Is It Worth It?

Hello everybody!

We hope you are all looking forward to a lovely celebratory long weekend! To get there, we must strive through the week!

217525144e9dab9cb43d28c1bbdfIn this week’s topic, we’d like to shift your attention to ‘Superfoods’. We’ve all heard of the illusive term that is ‘Superfoods’ that promises longevity, health and sustained wellness that conquers an endless list of diseases and fights cancer. In order to learn more about the proclaimed ‘Superfoods’, we decided to do a little research so we looked in to Dr. Oz.

In this article, Dr. Oz goes on to explain the term ‘G-Bombs’, which stands for Greens-Beans-Onions-Mushrooms-Berries-Seeds. A high G-Bombs nutritious diet promises “dramatic weight loss, optimal overall health, and longevity.” Apparently, when your body is suspended under a nutrient-dense mode, the cells and tissues in your body is protected naturally. G-Bombs foods are rich in “vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants – and are low in calories.”

On top of aiding with weight loss, G-Bombs are “foods with the most powerful anti-cancer and anti-fat storage effects.  Those dual effects cannot be separated because the foods that protect against fat storage also protect against the growth of any abnormal tissue, such as a tumor.”

What do you think about ‘Superfoods’ and ‘G-Bombs’?

Would you incorporate more nutrient-dense foods in to your diet?