Thank You For Your Interest - Enjoy This Hypnosis MP3 - Alive and Free Hypnosis & Wellness

Thank You For Your Interest – Enjoy This Hypnosis MP3


Thank you for your interest in Alive and Free Hypnosis & Wellness.

Our minds are our greatest & most powerful asset and hypnosis helps to strengthen it.

Hypnosis is a very normal state of being and we fall into states of hypnosis on a daily basis. It is very similar to day dreaming, or being “in the zone”, or feeling so completely relaxed just before you fall asleep.

This downloadable session will give you a 20 minute introduction to an Alive and Free Hypnosis & Wellness hypnosis experience.

You can listen to your session as many times as you want. The more you listen, the easier you will find it is to relax and allow the positive suggestions to settle in.

You can also listen while you are working, or doing things around the house. However, NEVER while you are driving or operating machinery.

For maximum benefit of this experience, find a comfortable and quiet area to relax. Take a few deep, slow breaths in and out, then sit back and allow yourself to follow the hypnotist’s suggestions.

Please click Here for your Complimentary MP3 Alive & Free Hypnosis Session.

We welcome you to take advantage of our Complimentary Hypnosis Consultation. It's approximately 30-40 minutes, and gives us an opportunity to learn about you as well as have you learn about our programs that have a 94% success rate over our 24 years of service.

Please call us at 905-890-1818 for our Mississauga Location or 905-454-7400 for our Brampton Location and we will find the best time for you.

Your Alive and Free Hypnosis & Wellness Team

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