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Hello everyone!

This week was a MAJOR week for us as some of you might have received our first ever Alive and Free Hypnosis and Wellness newsletter!! If you missed it, it’s okay, we’ll be reposting the content highlights here for your viewing pleasures for each newsletter.

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Recognition Corner: Joey!

Joey Pais Before After 2

Our client, Joey has committed to 110% from the first week he started his weight loss program with us

at Alive & Free. He has been diligent with his sessions, asked questions, listened & watched everything that was recommended by our staff. And within a matter of months, he has already lost 40 POUNDS!!

*Results May Very*

Not only has Joey developed a more positive lifestyle, but his health has also benefited and his blood sugar levels are stable!

Congratulations Joey, we’re so proud of you!



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Testimonial Corner: Victor Lau Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 2.26.38 PM

Watch Victor’s testimonial as he describes how A&F Hypnosis has helped cure his stress and anxiety symptoms, his journey and why he would recommend hypnosis to other who have tried everything else, watch the testimonial here.