Why You Should Drink Lemon Water!

You may have heard some people choose to drink lemon water as opposed to a steaming hot cup of coffee in the morning.

We initially thought that was coo-coo, but having tried it for 2 weeks straight, I have to say, not only am I feeling better but I seem to be reaping many other health benefits by simply drinking fresh lemon water in the morning. Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 12.19.27 AM

In this article, an extensive list of health benefits of drinking fresh lemon water in the morning are described. To list a few:

1. Lemon juice is alkaline in nature – helps to balance the pH in our body.

2. High amounts of essential nutrients – lemons are packed with: “vitamin C (anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial & effective for supporting the immune system), vitamin B (increases energy), riboflavin (protects against tissue damage) and also contain minerals like phosphorus, calcium and magnesium which are important for building bones and teeth.”

3. Helps liver and kidney to eliminate toxins and waste – lemon water increases the level of detoxifying enzymes which improves liver function. Also, lemon water helps the kidneys filter toxins out.

4. Effective remedy for wrinkles – “lemon helps to remove wrinkles and also improves the appearance of the skin. The presence of too many toxins in our body makes it look unhealthy and since lemon water fights that, you’ll get a clear glowing skin. The citric acid contents present in the lemon also helps fight acne. So the cheapest remedy for glowing acne and wrinkle free skin is a small cup of lemon water every morning.”

5. Helps with weight loss – “A liver containing high amount of toxins can slow down the process of metabolism as a result more accumulation of fat takes place in the body. Not only does the lemon eliminate those harmful toxins but also help to burn fats. A healthy diet, regular exercise and a glass of lemon water can help reduce the excess fat effectively. Lemon can also control hunger craving because of the high pectin fiber contents present in it.”

6. Cures Respiratory Problems & Freshens Breath – lemon water can be considered as a vitamin C supplement, it can help you get rid of cough and chest infections.

After reading all these benefits, don’t you want to grab a glass of cold lemon water?

Here’s how I make my lemon water:
– 2 cups of water (hot or cold)
– juice of 1/2 lemon*

*I started with 1/2 lemon and as the days went by, my tolerance for the tartness grew, and I now use one whole lemon! Please note, a small slide with a tall glass of water is not enough. Whatever you do, do not add sugar, this is not a lemonade!