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Become Free From Anxiety & Stress

In our society we are constantly inundated with dead-lines, pressures, & demands from the outside world as well as self induced. So, it’s not surprising to see the occurrence of anxiety & Stress-Related Disorders skyrocketing.

Hypnosis brings you to a state of deep relaxation in which the subconscious mind can now be worked with. This is where you can open to thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that are in line with your conscious desire to be anxiety free.

Start Loving The Body You Have!

Studies have shown that on average we have 12000-60000 thoughts per day and about 85% of these thoughts are NEGATIVE! When we are unhappy with ourselves in some way, can you imagine the amount of negativity that is self directed? Negative thoughts create negative emotions which cause negative chemical reactions in our physical body. Then we feel bad about ourselves we tend to eat more junk, sit around, get depressed/anxious/angry, and lose motivation for change.

Changes are high that you already KNOW what foods are healthy. You already know you need to get moving and exercising more. You know what you need to do to take better care of yourself. Now you need your MIND to work in a way that will allow and support you to take these steps! Hypnosis can help you to strengthen your mind in a positive way so that you can finally follow through with the habits that will change your life.

Do you want to stop smoking—for good?

Chances are great that if you could stop smoking by yourself, you would have done it already. If you are like millions of people in North America, you’ve tried to quit in one way or another. But it draws you back! That's because you never got to the root of the problem. The nicotine addiction is not the issue, it's what created the need for a substance in the first place that needs to be addressed.

Hypnosis can help you to uncover the self sabotaging thoughts/behaviors that created the addiction to begin with. It can help you to empower yourself and take control back of your choices that will create health instead of disease!

Take Control Back!

Do you feel out of control with alcohol? Hypnosis can help you to exercise and strengthen the mindset that will allow you to feel in control again. Let go of the negative & self sabotaging thoughts that make you feel like one more drink will be ok. Let go of the negative coping mechanisms that cause you to drown yourself in alcohol so that you don't have to "think about it anymore" or that numbs you from your world. Find your inner power, you inner resolve to choose healthy habits and create a life you can be proud of in all aspects.

Who are You?
What do You Need?

All of our programs are specifically designed to help YOU successfully create change from the inside out. When your Subconscious mind is “working” along-side your Conscious mind, the choices you make become effortless and natural rather than forced and reliant on pure willpower.

Programs Designed for YOU!

We recognize that every individual is different and therefore we dedicate time on your FIRST visit to sit down with you one-on-one to find out your specific needs, goals, desires, and history. This FREE consultation will give the Wellness Consultant the information that they need to design a program for YOUR individual needs.

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